boost.png (6897 bytes) Running Regression Test Reports


This page describes how to generate the Regression Test Reports. It is of interest primarily to the person designated by the release managers to run the reports.


Initial setup

Send your public ssh key to Rene Rivera.

Run once only:

cd ~                   # or some other directory of your choice
mkdir boost-reports    # or some other name of your choice
cd boost-reports
mkdir trunk            
git clone --recursive boost
cd boost
git checkout develop   # we use the branch develop tools/regression
git pull
# Only tools/regression need to be on develop, so no submodule checkout here

Build report generation program boost_report

This only has to be done when there is a change to the report generation program.

pushd ~/boost-reports/boost
git pull
pushd tools/regression/build
../../../b2 boost_report
# find location of exectuable, then:
mv bin/gcc-4.8/release/boost_report ~/boost/boost-reports # see todo below

Run reports

This step performs the following actions:

To run:

cd ~/boost/boost-reports/boost
git pull
cd ..
boost/tools/regression/xsl_reports/ trunk

To Do


Thanks to Tom Kent, Steven Watanabe, and Rene Rivera for illuminating various dark corners of how reporting works.

Revised 09 January 2014

Copyright Beman Dawes 2014.

Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.